226ERS is a Sports Nutrition brand created by and for lovers of outdoor and resistance sports, and whose aim is to satisfy the challenges of the most demanding sportsmen and women and help them to reach their objectives more easily.

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Why buy 226ERS?

  • Using Amylopectin as a main carbohydrate
  • · Gastric emptying up to 80% faster.
  • · Reduction in digestive problems.
  • · Recharging glycogen up to 70% faster.
  • · Instant energy.

  • All products are Gluten Free
  • · 85% of the population have problems with gluten.
  • · These problems are avoided during exercise.

  • All powder products are Sugar Free
  • · Sugars have high osmolality.
  • · Sugars are slow to digest and require a high consumption of water.
  • · They may lead to dehydration and osmotic diarrhoea.

  • All products contain Natural Aromas
  • · No chemical substances.
  • · Recognizable flavours.
  • · Make supplements a pleasant and desirable experience.

  • All bars contain over 90% Natural Ingredients
  • · The more natural ingredients there are, the greater the benefits for the organism.
  • · Simple and complex Carbohydrates.
  • · Wide range of vitamins and minerals.
  • · Different proteins, amino-acids and types of fat.

History of 226ERS

226 is the distance in Kms that make up the toughest event in the world, the long distance triathlon. Sportsmen and women who carry out these events are be known 226ERS.

Created in 2010 thanks to sportsmen and women who were looking for high performance in distance sports, 226ERS are different from other sports supplement brands because the assessment of the needs and habits of sportsmen and women begins with the sportsperson themselves. Besides the formulations, 226ERS consider it essential that products be of the highest quality possible, and therefore use natural organic products in their catalogue, as well as top quality raw materials such as amylopectin, which is used in all products.

226ERS began its activity with 3 sugarless drinks, gluten free and with natural aromas. These drinks, besides hydrating, providing glycogen or helping to recover from the effort carried out after training, had the objective of reducing or avoiding problems that this type of products generally cause in the practice of resistance sports, such as dehydration and digestive problems due to an excess de osmolality, or problems caused by gluten during exercise.

Given the success of the drink, the range of products was increased to include other drinks, energy gels, energy bars (with over 90% of natural ingredients), night recovering creams that aid rest and better recovery, and salt capsules with ginger to improve digestion.

In 2014 a further step was taken with the launch of K-Weeks Immune, a supplement aimed at boosting and regulating the immune system and reducing the impact on tendons and muscles in key moments during the season, such as pre-competition weeks or the months of maximum workouts, when athletes and sportsmen and women are most likely to take ill and suffer injuries given the high demand to which they subject their body.