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  • Manufactured with high density foam, it provides each drawer with a great shock absorption capacity without losing stability.
    Bodytone plyo box foam
  • Display for Bodytone EX-1 and IR1.
    Display Bodytone M16
  • Boxing bag de 150cm. Ideal for intensive exercising.
    Bodytone Boxing bag
  • Inner cylinder made of hard material that allows rolling and massaging.
    Bodytone Foam Roll
  • Essential for any athlete who wants to become faste in competitionof any sport.
    Bodytone physical training scale
  • This is the Bosu model / perfect unstable surface for domestic use.
    Bodytone BODY DOME
  • It is ideal for abdominals, back exercises, stretches, In addition to balancing work and endurance, they also help maintain physical fitness in a fun way, ideal for the gym and at home.
    Bodytone Gymball 65cm
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    • Diameter: 65cm
  • Wheel for abs. Lets you work the bust and abdominals deeply.
    Bodytone AB Wheel
  • Handles for push ups. Allows you to increase the difficulty.
    Bodytone Push Up
  • This jumping cue combines technology and design making it the perfect accessory for your cardio and agility training.
    Bodytone Speed Rope

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