Adidas, the most prestigious and successful sports brand in the world, launches a premium line of products for all athletes and sportsmen and women who take the achievement of their workout goals seriously.

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As world leader, Adidas aims to offer the latest in workout equipment. Combining elegance, design and quality with high performance, the company always manages to exceed the expectations of its followers. The result of so much effort is a wide and complete range of products made up of multigyms, benches and abdominals, Smith machines, power cages and racks, bars, discs and dumbbells for toning and rehabilitation, accessories for speed, suspension and toning workouts, etc. A line of products with everything required to offer athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen the flexibility they need to be able to reach their goals.

Each of these affordable and easy to use accessories contributes to improving the physical and mental capacity of the user when practising sports or when carrying out all kinds of physical activity, which means a great boost to strength, speed, agility, flexibility, acceleration, stamina and balance.