Amix Nutrition, brand specialized in the field of sports nutrition and supplements, is renowned for its use of top quality ingredients and raw materials, as well as for using the latest and most advanced technologies in the elaboration of their products.

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Why buy Amix?

· Rapid growth: with rapid growth and the distribution of the sales of their high performance products, Amix has become one of the most respected producers in the field of sports nutrition and supplements throughout Western Europe.

· Latest technology: Since its launch, Amix has been striving to be the best, using the highest quality ingredients and the latest technology in all their products.

· Research in products: Thanks to research, the products are in a process of continual improvement, boosting performance capacity and offering better flavours throughout the product range.

· Latest designs: The Amix range has a futuristic and innovative design, which distinguishes the product catalogue even more.

· Helps to achieve your objectives: Amix, completely covers the needs of sportspersons, wellbeing enthusiasts, fitness fanatics and professional body builders, and helps them to achieve all the objectives they might set themselves.


History of Amix

"Large Fitness" was set up in Manchester (United Kingdom) in 2003 by the current owner and president as a company that makes Sports Nutrition products for athletes who are seeking maximum physical challenges. Following exhaustive research into a new product and design and into sources of new top quality ingredients, the company and its main brand "Amix Nutrition" has conquered the most demanding consumers in the whole of Europe.

The search for perfection and use of advanced scientific and innovative techniques, have made Amix a pioneering brand in their sector, which enables them to continue acquiring followers and popularity, both due to their use of simple and basic formulas, and the special, intense and satisfying mixtures of their products.