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Aesthetic and beauty electro stimulators are devices that transmit electrical impulses to tone muscles, and have specific programmes to achieve greater firmness and smooth, unwrinkled and younger skin. These electro stimulators complement routine workouts perfectly to achieve optimum physical condition, improve muscle tone and body shape and even enhance wellbeing. By using them regularly you will obtain results quickly and simply.

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  • Electrostimulation set for abs, arms, legs and glutes muscles. 15 different intensity levels. Compact and attractive design.
    Tecnovita YR50 E-Sculpter Electrostimulation set

    Delivery 3-4 working days

    Tecnovita YR50 E-Sculpter Electrostimulation set

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    • Electrostimulation belt to tone abs without effort
      BT BELT electroestimulator YR30 Tecnovita
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