Facial care treatments Tecnovita

A range of beauty products used for facial care: facial cleaning or toning devices, exfoliation, concealing ageing signs, etc. Each of these devices is specialized in a different facial treatment, but they all have a common aim: to give you confidence and security, help you to feel better about yourself and look better.

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  • Helps regenerating elastin, aids in avoiding the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Stimulate the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles.
    Tecnovita Sonixvisage YU200 Facial ultrasound beauty therapy
  • Take care of your skin
    Ultrasonic facial Tecnovita YU180 Sonixplus

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    Ultrasonic facial Tecnovita YU180 Sonixplus

  • Ultrasound beauty therapy.
    Oleo essence antiwrinkle 50ml Tecnovita YUG71
  • Ultrasonic beauty therapy.
    Ultrasonic gel Ultrasound active 250 ml YUG01 Tecnovita

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