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There is a vast range of hair removal equipment to eliminate body and facial hair as quickly, effectively and for as long as possible. Depending on the device, the type of technology used varies, the most common being Laser, Pulsed Light (IPL), Radiofrequency (RF), Electrolysis and Waxing. The results vary in terms of speed, efficiency, comfort and time of appearance, depending on the type of technology used. More info

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  • Life of Bulb150.000 Flashes. Easy to change.
    Homedics IPL-HH102-EU for Duo Facial Adaptor
  • 30000 light pulses. Compatible with Duo/Pro Duo models. Functions: a permanent reduction of unwanted hair and rejuvenation.
    Homedics IPL-HH103-EU IPL Skin Rejuvenation Replacement bulb for Duo

A buyer?s guide to hair removal devices

The main factor to bear in mind when purchasing a hair removal device, is the type of technology used. Furthermore, to choose the machine that best suits the needs of each person, you have to bear in mind factors such as skin colour and hair type.

Wax hair removal

Waxing is the most traditional method. It is characterized by the application of cold or hot wax on the area where the hair is to be removed (arms, legs, armpits, etc.). Although it is a fast method and one of the most common, it is also the least efficient method, as the hair is not eliminated definitively and reappears after 10-15 days (the time depends on the characteristics of the skin and the hair of each person).

Laser Hair Removers

Laser hair removal is a definitive method to eliminate hair that consists of the application of a discharge of energy on an area. Several sessions are required to reach an optimal result and, with these hair removers, it is not necessary to substitute the lamps.

IPL Hair Removers

IPL hair removers work by directing a brief and intense filtered light at the skin. The light is absorbed by the colour pigments that are in and around the hair and temporarily disables the skin follicle or impedes regrowth. Unlike laser hair removers, with pulsed light it is necessary to substitute the lamps and, therefore, spare parts are necessary. It is a very efficient method and, as with laser, several sessions are required to get the best result. It is likely that with time you will require a top up session to guarantee the best results.

There are products that combine IPL technology with radiofrequency, achieving an increase in the ratio of use, for a wider range of skin colours and types of hair.

Electrical hair remover (electrolysis)

Electrical hair removers destroy the hair follicle, which gives very effective results. Furthermore, this type of hair removal may be applied to body zones of more difficult access, which makes it a very useful and handy method.


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