Leader in the manufacture of cold therapy and compression products with the air release patented technology, Hyperice designs and develops high performance cryotherapy accessories which provide pain relief and reduce muscle contractions.

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Why buy Hyperice?

Cryotherapy is a rehabilitation technique which, through the use of cold, alleviates pain and reduces muscular contractions. By reducing the temperature of the tissues, inflammation of the affected muscle is brought down and the recovery process is speeded up.

Hyperice boasts the only portable high performance ice compression wraps on the market. Every one of its products has been designed to provide optimum compression for a specific part of the body (elbow, knee, ankle, back, shoulder, etc.), and so special care has been taken in the design of their shape, fastening and their function. These rehabilitation accessories, which are made from the best materials and meeting the highest standards of quality, are known throughout the world and used by elite sportsmen and women and athletes such as Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn, CJ Wilson or Rudy Gay.

Each Hyperice product comprises two parts: (1) A chamber containing the ice and (2) a manufactured piece of compression material which wraps around the area to be treated.


The History of Hyperice

Hyperice was started by Anthony Katz, a passionate follower of sport and of science. Anthony, aware that a healthy body was essential for the performance of all sportspersons, decided to create a brand whose products would improve their performance through the speeding up of recovery times and the prevention of muscular injuries and pain.

With the aim of creating the best products, Anthony Katz began to collaborate with the best athletes and trainers in the world to develop a line of rehabilitation accessories which would ensure faster recovery times after training and competition. Currently, more than a thousand sports professionals use Hyperice products and this number is still growing.