Marcy offers a complete collection of exercise and fitness equipment for use in the home, including multi-gyms, weight benches, and a wide range of free weights and dumbbells. Products both for beginners and for advanced users.

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Why buy Marcy?

· Pioneer in developing muscle building and fitness equipment for domestic use: Marcy, since 1946, has been the leading brand in developing muscle building and fitness apparatus for the home.

· Innovation, quality, accessibility: Marcy is characterized by continuous innovation in its product range, for the quality of those products and for their accessible prices.

· Stable and comfortable products: Providing stability and comfort in its products for anyone who wants to take up muscle building, or for those who want to carry on working at home on the exercises learned at the gym by setting up their own gym at home.


The history of Marcy

Marcy was founded in 1946 by Walter Marcyan, with a clear vision of the latest ideas in the design of strength equipment: to make fitness training more accessible for everyone.

With extraordinary dynamism and determination, Walter managed to develop new equipment which would transform strength and fitness training from a specialized discipline to a sport which would become accessible to everyone. From this beginning Marcy products became a reference point for all household fitness equipment. And thanks to the rich legacy left by Walter Marcyan, his dedication and his belief in the advantages of technique, Marcy still has today a clear vision for the future.