Mental fitness

Try as we might to consciously focus our attention, the truth is that we are normally immersed in thoughts about the past or the future which only let us focus on a small part of what is happening around us. Mental Fitness or Mindfulness is a technique consisting of learning mental exercises which help to optimize our attention, concentration and the improvement of our mental health. That is, it helps us to consciously live in the present, the here and now, to recognise and directly relate to what is happening while it is happening, without aiming to control it. More info

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  • Mental fitness
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What is Mental Fitness or Mindfulness?

As well as helping us to optimize our attention and to live consciously in the present, Mental Fitness enables us to focus on the things we like and to eliminate the things that cause us stress or the things we dislike, thereby reaching a state of permanent relaxation and wellbeing.

So Mental Fitness is a technique which provides multiple health benefits:

  • · Aids relaxation and helps to achieve a state of inner peace.
  • · Reduced stress and depression and increases self-acceptance.
  • · Helps us to live in the moment, to be happy in the "here and now".
  • · Helps us to control our own minds, emotions, thoughts and memories.
  • · Helps us to see our own reactions from a different perspective and with more clarity.

Mental Fitness

In short, Mindfulness is a necessary technique for achieving greater focus on current experiences, to live them with more interest, curiosity and acceptance. And not only for focussing more on the present but also for achieving a state of permanent stress free relaxation.


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