MIO designs simple and innovative products so that all sportsmen and sportswomen can monitor their heart rate during training. These watches are able to show information about heart rate continuously and precisely without the need for a chest band.

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Why buy MIO?

MIO Alpha is the only sports watch which provides heart rate data at different levels of intensity without the need for a chest band. This watch achieved widespread recognition when it was launched, and in 2013 it won the Innovation in Design and Engineering Prize awarded by CES.

Mio Technology: MIO products have continuous heart rate technology, which has proven to be 99% reliable. Thanks to a sensor which monitors the blood volume under the skin and then applies some sophisticated logarithms to give a clean heart rate signal, MIO detects the pulse effectively, even during high speed and high intensity training.

Design and functions:

MIO devices combine the best performance with maximum comfort.

Its silicone straps, soft and long lasting, guarantee a comfortable and secure grip.


The history of MIO

MIO was set up in 1999 by Liz Dickinson (founder and executive), who quickly realized that training based on heart rate was the most efficient way to train. But the only available devices on the market were chest bands, which were a nuisance to wear during training. So, using her experience in technology and the market, Liz created MIO, the first sports watch in the world which measured heart rate without a chest belt.

Since then, MIO has become a prestigious brand with global sales and a team of professionals who continue to offer the latest technology for monitoring heart rate.