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  • Take your chin-ups to the next level with our attachable SR-MGC Multi-Grip Chin Up accessory.
    Body-Solid Multi-Grip Chin Up (Pair) SR-MGC
  • Attachable to the side of your Hexagon, the SR-BT Ball Throw provides an unmatched full body workout.
    Ball Throw Body-Solid SR-BT
  • Two comfort-grip handles ensure comfort through even the most stressful of dip workouts.
    Body-Solid Dip Station SR-DIP
  • Customizable functional training system.
    Body Solid Band Pegs SR-BP (Pair)
  • Can be attached to the side of any Hexagon system safely and securely.
    Double Pull Up Body-Solid SR-DPU
  • Train in pairs or small groups or use as a part of your circuit, the functionality is endless.
    Body-Solid Ball Rebound SR-REB
  • Protect yourself with these attachable safety catches.
    Body-Solid Safety Catches (Pair) SR-SC
  • Add style and functionality to your Hexagon rig system with our SR-KB Kettlebell Tray
    Body-Solid Kettlebell Tray SR-KB
  • Hold your Body-Solid Stability Balls in place with this attachable Stability Bar Holder.
    Body-Solid Stability Bag Holder SR-SBH
  • Built to withstand even the most intense workout, this durable heavy bag is designed to take a beating.
    Body-Solid Heavy Bag SR-HB
  • Keep your medicine balls off the ground and store them neatly in this attachable tray.
    Body-Solid Medicine Ball Tray SR-MB
  • Built to withstand even the most intense workout.
    Body-Solid Heavy Bag Holder (w/o sandbag) SR-HBH
  • Enjoy a stable pull-up bar to perform standard pull-ups, negatives, hanging raises, shoulder shrugs and more!
    Body-Solid Single Pull Up SR-SPU
  • Add support to your Hexagon rig system with the SR-LO Lift Offs.
    Body-Solid SR-LO Lift Offs (Pair)
  • An easy-to-use, convenient accessory that allows you to store a barbell on the exterior of your Rig
    Body-Solid Vertical Bar Storage SR-BHV

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