Polar, leader in heart rate monitors and GPS sports watches, boasts a wide range of products supported by an essential technical service to cover all levels of physical training; from improving the performance of an athlete competing at the top level to helping the sportsperson who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Listening to your body is one thing but understanding what it is telling you is a completely different thing. Polar, the pioneer brand in heart rate monitors and GPS sports watches, specializes not only in sport, physiology and technology, but also in the thorough understanding of the sportsperson's requirements. A depth of experience which has situated Polar as the brand leader in technological innovations applied to sports for over 30 years.

Since its beginnings, Polar has led the sector working with top professionals throughout the world to offer the most precise and intelligent heart rate monitors for training purposes, developing functions based on the measurement of heart rate frequency. Polar's exclusive "Smart Coaching" functions assess daily fitness levels and offer guidance for you to get the most out of each training session by working at the right intensity.

Polar boasts a wide range of latest generation products with an innovative design which, combined with the accessories, applications and compatible web services, form a thoroughly complete training system.

All this makes Polar the chosen brand for the most demanding and committed athletes who, day by day, are seeking to reach their objectives safely and efficiently.


The history of Polar

Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Oulu (Finland), Polar Electro invented the first pulse rate monitor (to measure heart rate frequency without cables). The company cooperated closely with government sports institutions and administrations and became widely recognised as the pioneer and world leader in heart rate monitors and GPS sports watches.

Nowadays, Polar employs 1,200 people, has 26 branches throughout the world and supplies its products to more than 35,000 establishments in over 80 countries. With over 30 years of experience developing the most cutting edge sports heart rate monitors in the world and more than 30 years of at the vanguard of sports training with innovations such as the application of the exclusive Smart Coaching functions for heart rate monitors or the development of their own transmission technology (WIND), the Polar brand has become leader in the field of applied technology in sports.