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Very accurate

The scales are incredibly accurate and consistently so; five attempts in a row show the same weight. Taking on food/drink and disposing of body waste affects your weight and these scales will pick this up. The unit is very simple and quick to pair with my V800 and iPhone app, which offer various feedback/tracking data of their own. However, the web app is where it's at. After pairing to my V800 and then synching to Polar Flow, a new section called 'Balance' appears in the diary tab of the Polar Flow web service. It's well presented, very detailed and not overly complicated. After setting a weight loss target and time period the web app will produce recommended levels of activity each day, these keep you motivated and help you achieve your goal. If you wear an activity tracker (V800, M400, Loop) you can choose to display an activity bar below the time and date on the front screen of the display, so you always have that reminder there. I have been very impressed with this bit of kit.

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Overpriced - cheap looking and frustrating for a Brit user

For around £60 I'd expect these to be pretty special. I'm a Polar M400 user/ultra runner and got the Polar Balance to keep track of my weight changes while training. They do the basics of weighing as expected, but they are frustrating as they only weigh in pounds or KG. As a Brit I want a stones and pounds option. The black style looks good if you clean them 20 times a day - sadly, if you have a life away from constant cleaning, they'll be a bit gross looking in the corner of the bathroom as they show up every mark or bit of dust. Also the Polar branding looks a bit tacky and cheap - a bit inconsistent with the actual cost of these scales. Polar, please update so that I can understand my weight without learning how to divide by 14 every morning. Positives are that they keep track with very little effort.

fitnessdigital answer

Dear Matthew, Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately these scales indeed do not support stones yet, although I have been informed that Polar is working on it. Best regards, Elle

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