Market leader worldwide in maps and GPS navigation, TomTom has launched an excellent line of sports watches with GPS. Innovative devices with advanced functions which guarantee that users reach their goals.

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Why buy TomTom?

TomTom, brand leader in the navigation sector since 1991, moved into the market for sports GPS watches in 2011. With their great experience in GPS, TomTom revolutionized the world of heart rate monitors, developing and designing innovative products to help users reach their targets and maximise their training sessions.

TomTom heart rate monitors are characterized mainly for their:

· Extra large screen: Lets you see activity information at a glance, such as time, distance, stride or heart rate.

· Virtual graphic partner: Lets you train efficiently with all the information on the full screen.

· Single control button: Lets you navigate more easily through the menu.

· The TomTom GPS watches have a 10 hr battery (in GPS mode), they are waterproof and can be connected to other sensors via Bluetooth Smart.

In 2013, TomTom launched a new range CARDIO, whose main feature was the integrated heart rate monitor which made their watches the most precise on the market. Through two small green LED lights built into the inside of the watch, the blood vessels are illuminated through the skin to measure the blood flow and so provide the user with the most precise heart rate data.

The history of TomTom

Founded in 1991 in Amsterdam, TomTom focused on trying to make technology accessible for everyone by developing software for the mobile application business as well as for personal digital assistants (PDA) for consumers. In only two years, TomTom became the market leader in the development of PDA software with navigation applications. And during the following years the brand continued innovating and creating new products which reaped great success on their launch.

In 2013 TomTom presented a line of sports watches to help runners, cyclists and swimmers to reach their own fitness targets, providing them during training with all the necessary information at just a glance.

Currently, TomTom is the world?s leading supplier of GPS maps and navigation, granting it a broad experience and fame in the GPS Watch market. With 3,600 employees all over the world and products being sold in over 35 countries, each day, millions of people put their trust in TomTom to help them make better informed decisions and to reach their goals.