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The Upright Exercise Bike, along with the treadmill, is the most used cardio machine in gyms and sports centres. Its role is to simulate the exercise done on a racing or a conventional bike, and also to strengthen the lower body (glutes, thighs and legs). As well as significantly improving the health and physical fitness of the user, the price is lower than other cardiovascular machines. More info

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  • This exercise bike will strengthen your lower body while its dual-action arms feature will increase your upper body endurance as you pedal.
    Marcy BK1000 Fan Bike

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    Marcy BK1000 Fan Bike

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A buyer's guide to upright exercise bike

The Upright Exercise Bike is not only one of the most popular cardiovascular machines because it simulates the exercise on a conventional bicycle but also because it provides huge benefits for your health and your body:

  • · Upright exercise bikes are kinder on your joints than any other cardiovascular machine.
  • · Work and tone the muscles in your legs and glutes.
  • · Keep you informed about elapsed time, speed, distance covered and the calories you have burned.
  • · Provide an intense workout, burning fat and helping weight loss.
  • · Reduce the likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • · Perfect for basic workouts and for overweight people and obesity sufferers.
  • · Provide a complete lower body workout without having to leave home.
  • · Programmes and applications for more interactive workouts.
  • · Lower prices than other cardiovascular machines.
  • · Improve mobility and help improve your posture.


If you are thinking of buying an Upright Exercise Bike, besides the size there are few other things you should take into account to make sure the machine you choose is the right one for your needs and your targets:

  • 1) Type of resistance or braking system
  • 2) Weight of the flywheel
  • 3) Console and training programmes
  • 4) Comfort and adjustability
  • 5) Maximum user weight


1) Type of resistance or braking system

Upright Exercise Bikes can have either a Magnetic or Electromagnetic braking system. On Upright Exercise Bikes with a magnetic braking system, the flywheel is slowed down and stopped through magnets, and on Upright Exercise Bikes with an electromagnetic braking system, the flywheel is slowed down and stopped with an electromagnetic field. Consequently, pedalling on bikes with electromagnetic braking is smoother and quieter and the braking is more precise.

2) Weight of the flywheel

The flywheel controls the smoothness of the pedalling action. The heavier the flywheel is, the smoother and quieter the bike is as the additional weight helps the flywheel to turn more efficiently.

3) Console and Training Programmes

The console is the part of the Upright Exercise Bike with which you can control all its programmes and functions. Also it monitors your workout and gives your important information: speed, elapsed time, distance covered, number of calories burned and pulse rate. The programmes and features vary in quality, comfort and entertainment level depending on the price and model. Fitness manufacturers are tending more and more towards consoles which can be used with smartphones or tablets for more interaction during workouts.

4) Comfort and Adjustability

How you can adjust your Upright Exercise Bike depends on the model. The saddle can have up to three adjustable positions: height, depth and incline. And, although in some models it is fixed, on most models the handlebar can also be moved forward or backwards to a greater or lesser extent. We recommend that you consider carefully the adjustment options for the saddle or the back support, as comfort is one of the most important points in every workout.

5) Maximum User Weight

Every Upright Exercise Bike has a weight limit. To ignore this when choosing between models can affect its performance or even how long it will last. For this reason we recommend that you pay special attention to this detail.


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