Urbanista, one of the best known brands in the design and development of headphones, creates products of the highest quality in order to make life better for people in urban environments.

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Why buy Urbanista?

Urbanista is a young, creative company which is growing quickly all over the world. It came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle, and so creates and designs products to improve the way of life of modern people in urban environments. This is the origin of Urbanista headphones. With a passion for colour, shape and mobility, each design is influenced by the Scandinavian tradition, from where its roots originate. Scandinavian design is synonymous with elegance and innovation, seeking to produce quality designed functional products.

In recent years, people in urban environments are becoming ever more active and the urban way of life has come to represent men and women who lead totally dynamic lifestyles. This focus has been an important strength in the development of the Urbanista sports headphones, which are designed and created to provide the best possible sound and operating quality.