Vibration machines

Vibrating platforms, also known as oscillating platforms, are cardiovascular apparatus that serve as a complement to the traditional workout. These machines work the muscles which react to continuous vibrations of varying intensity and provoke a contraction without overloading muscles, tendons or cartilages. Vibrating platforms may be used for rehabilitation, strengthening and slimming, and even to prepare for different sports events. More info

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  • Vibration machines
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    • Technology:Triplane
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A Buyer's guide to vibrating platforms

A vibrating platform offers a unique workout with great benefits:

  • · Improves the muscle tone, body strength and increases elasticity.
  • · Increases agility, power and coordination.
  • · Helps to reduce fat and cellulite.
  • · Accelerates recovery between workout sessions.
  • · Treats and prevents injuries, and strengthens different muscles in the body.
  • · Contributes to the treatment of muscular atrophy and circulation problems.
  • · Reduces stress and treats insomnia.
  • · Improves motor coordination and balance.
vibrating platforms

Before buying a vibrating platform, you should be aware of some general characteristics: type of movement, frequency, amplitude and power of the motor.

  • 1) Type of movement
  • 2) Frequency
  • 3) Amplitude
  • 4) Motor power

1) Type of movement

One of the main aspects that distinguishes between vibrating platforms is the technology, which conditions the type of movement. The oscillating technology may be tri-plane, sonic or vertical.

Sonic vibrating platforms: These are the latest platforms with cutting edge technology in which the vibration is created through sonic waves, thus eliminating movement produced mechanically by motors. Sonic waves are completely silent, produce no collision impact and, as there is no uncontrolled acceleration or deceleration no dizziness can be caused by mechanical vibration.

Tri-plane vibrating platforms: These exercise all the muscle groups, because the movement is developed over three planes: from bottom to top, left to right, and from front to back. This type is specially recommended for users looking to exercise their musculature, as the best way to obtain results in the development of muscle tone is the combination of a low amplitudes and high speeds.

Oscillating vibrating platforms: the movement achieved with this type of platform is on two planes: vertical and horizontal. They are specially indicated for users that wish to lose weight or who are undergoing rehabilitation, because the combination of high amplitudes and low speeds is ideal for losing fat and rehabilitation exercises.

2) Frequency

Frequency is the number of oscillations per second, i.e. the number of times that a complete vibration is achieved per second. It is measured in Hertz and, the higher the frequency permitted by the platform vibrating, the greater the workout options.

vibrating platforms

3) Amplitude

Amplitude is the dimension of each cycle of oscillations, measured from the lower to the higher peak of the wave. It is recommended that the vibrating platform should have the option of different wave amplitudes in order to be able to select the intensity of the workout. The greater the amplitude permitted by the vibrating platform, the greater the workout options.

4) Motor power

Motor power, measured in W (Watts), refers to the maximum effective power that the vibrating platform can produce. The higher the power indicated, the less strain there is on the motor and its internal components and, consequently, the lower the wear and tear and the more satisfactory and effective the use will be.

vibrating platforms

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