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Weider Nutrition, committed to supporting the effort of athletes and sports lovers, takes maximum care with both the control of raw materials and production and packaging processes to always offer excellent quality in each of their Sports Nutrition products.

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Why buy Weider Nutrition?

· Made with natural ingredients: All components used are natural and do not contain chemical substances or medication.

· Ideal to reach your goals: the range of Weider products is an extremely efficient auxiliary tool so that the sportsman or woman, bodybuilder, athlete or participant in any physical activity will be able to reach their most challenging goals.

· Quality and innovation: Both combine with productive standards based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulation, which guarantees that Weider supplements maintain an ideal level of efficiency without compromising the welfare or health of their consumers.

· No doping: Weider Nutrition supports the concept of clean sport, free of banned substances, known as "No doping".


History of Weider Nutrition

Weider Nutrition was set up by Ben and Joe Weider over 70 years ago, and has developed from a family Company to becoming one of the most important multinationals in the world, providing nutritional supplements for sports throughout the five continents.

The range of Weider Nutrition products constitutes a magnificent tool for the bodybuilder, athlete, sportsman or woman or physical activity enthusiast to be able to reach their goals. The components used in the creation of products are natural and do not contain chemical substances or medication. In addition, the company supports clean sport and sport practised without the use of banned substances.