Wellbox, a benchmark in instrumental cosmetics and stemming directly from the most efficient professional LPG technologies, constitutes a 100% natural solution capable of reactivating, day after day, and in the easiest and most practical way possible, the dormant physiological processes responsible for sliming and youthful skin.

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Why buy Wellbox?

· Practical and easy to use products: Wellbox instrumental cosmetics, use professional technology, safe and practical to use in the home.

· More efficient action: It acts deeper than cosmetics, because the latter only work on the surface layers of the skin.

· Provide 100% natural solutions: Wellbox products carry out non-invasive and a 100% natural action which avoids recurring to surgery and suffering side effects (hospitalization, convalescence, prolonged scaring, etc.)

· Guarantees scientifically tested results: the results obtained from the use of the Wellbox products are scientifically tested and approved, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in results.

· A concentration of technology based on unique patents: the mechanical stimulation of Wellbox heads acts deeply on the nucleus of the cells to reactivate the natural functions, and thus, leave the body completely remodelled and firmer and with younger skin as a result.


History of Wellbox

In 1985, the life of Louis-Paul Guitay completely changed on suffering an accident. Submitted to long and difficult sessions of physiotherapy for cervical rehabilitation, Louis-Paul thought that automating his movements would help in his physiotherapy. It was at this moment when the idea came to him and, at his home in Valencia, he designed the first prototype of Cellu M60, whose effectiveness in the procedure quickly surprised everyone.

Between the rudimentary Cellu M6 from 1986 and the latest generation devices there have been over 24 years of research and development. LPG, with the increase in medical and scientific knowledge grew and from two employees and have gone to employ thousands of employees in France and throughout the world.

LPG is currently the world leader in cellular stimulation: 100% natural anti-aging and sliming technology. Technology that is certified by over 110 scientific studies. With an outstanding reputation in the professional market, in 2005 Wellbox was created to provide this technology for the home sector. Created directly from professional LPG technology, Wellbox gives cellular stimulation for personal use, to achieve a slimmer body and a younger looking face.